Frequently asked questions about Ben Thompson

1.  When and where was Ben Thompson born?

Ben Thompson was born on November 2, 1843, in Knottingley, Yorkshire, England, to William and Mary Ann (Baker) Thompson.

Ben Thompson’s birth certificate: 

2.  How many siblings did Ben Thompson have?

Ben Thompson had one younger brother Billy, and two younger sisters Mary Jane and Fannie. 

  • William “Billy” Thompson – (1845 Knottingley, England -1897 Houston, TX)
  • Mary Jane Thompson – (1848 Knottingley, England – 1940 Bastrop, TX)
  • Frances “Fannie” Thompson – (1858 Austin, Texas – 1954 Palestine, TX)


3.  When did Ben Thompson arrive in America?

Ben Thompson, at the age of nine arrived in America during the summer of 1852, along with his parents, siblings Billy and Mary Jane. The Thompson family settled in Austin, Travis, County, Texas. More information about their passage will be revealed in the upcoming Ben Thompson book that is expected to be published in 2013.

5. Who did Ben Thompson marry and how many children did he have?

Ben Thompson married Catherine Louise Moore on November 26, 1863, in Austin, Texas, during the Civil War. They had two children Ben Jr., also known as “Benny,” and Katie who married Joseph B. Price, and lived in Bastrop.

4.  When did Ben Thompson die and where is he buried?

Ben Thompson died simultaneously with John King Fisher on March 11, 1884, while they were at the Vaudeville Theatre in San Antonio Texas. Ben Thompson is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Austin, Texas.


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