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132 Years Ago in May…

When Ben Thompson came to America – A Great Find

 When Ben Thompson came to America – A Great Find   The exact arrival date of when Ben Thompson and his family to America has been a question that has fascinated researchers and authors for decades. Canadian Author and researcher Lisa Lach, along with Ken Aaron, Baker family researcher from Knottingley, England, get full credit for both finding the arrival… (more…)


Ben Thompson Civil War Record Lisa Lach Ben Thompson served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War in the 2nd Regiment Texas Mounted Rifles, commanded by Colonel John S. Ford.  On April 17, 1861, Company H of the 2nd Regiment Texas Mounted Rifles was organized, under Captain George. W. Hamner. At various times Captain Hamner’s Company H was also… (more…)

Frequently asked questions about Ben Thompson

1.  When and where was Ben Thompson born? Ben Thompson was born on November 2, 1843, in Knottingley, Yorkshire, England, to William and Mary Ann (Baker) Thompson. Ben Thompson’s birth certificate:  2.  How many siblings did Ben Thompson have? Ben Thompson had one younger brother Billy, and two younger sisters Mary Jane and Fannie.  William “Billy” Thompson – (1845 Knottingley,… (more…)

Whatever became of Ben Thompson’s six-shooter?

By Mike Cox (Reprinted with permission)   Thompson, a British-born former Texas Ranger and soldier of fortune with a penchant for booze and gambling, made quite a reputation as city marshal of Austin in the early 1880s. His life ended violently in San Antonio on the night of March 11, 1884 when someone gunned him down along with former outlaw-turned-lawman King… (more…)

Ben Thompson Geneaology

A Brief Look into the Geneaolgy of Ben Thompson William Thompson, (Ben’s father) was born December 17, 1816, in Hull, Yorkshire, England. William Thompson came from a line of Master Mariners and at a very young age earned his own sea legs.  He served for eight months  in the Royal British Navy. William Thompson married Mary Ann nee Baker on… (more…)